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THR 10 cut out - what the deal ?


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  • THR 10 cut out - what the deal ?

    Been starting using the Yamaha THR10 on battery power and it cuts out. I need switch it off and on to get it to work again. Twice in a song in a PITA.

    What's the deal ? It's still under warranty. Should I bring it back?

    Thank you

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    Not normal. Bring it back.

    But just in case... did try with fresh new batteries? old batteries ready to die have a bit of life back when turned off and back again.
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      Ouch! Ya send it back.
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        not normal.


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          It's a known problem, has been for a while now.

          A thread on TGP from last July


          http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showth ... 10+battery


          "" My Yamaha THR10 cuts off completely after a few seconds when playing on battery power. This is the 2nd unit that has done this.

          I just exchanged it yesterday for a factory new unit, took fresh batteries that had maybe 45 minutes on them (bought new for this amp) and installed them in the brand new amp. Noodled away at the store for maybe 5 minutes and it never cut off. I crank it up this morning for the first time at home with the gain/master SLIGHTLY higher than I had it at the store and it cuts off in less than 5 seconds. If I lower the master and take it off the higher gain settings, it doesn't cut off as quickly, but still cuts off entirely. Dead. No sound. It does not fade out gradually, spit or sputter. No sir. It just stops instantly like you ripped the cable off of its tiny speaker(s).

          Nothing is different except the guitar/cord and my latitude/longituge. I connected the ac adapter and played for guitar 10 minutes at much higher gain/master settings and had ZERO problems. Also on this amp, just like the other one, when you plug in an ipod/ipad/c.d. player in to the auxiliary input and play music via battery power and at a higher volume level, there is NO problem. The issue is just playing guitar on battery power - the EXACT reason I bought this lovely little digital/computerized device.

          This does not make me happy. Does anybody have any ideas? I know the store will think I'm crazy. Hell, I think I'm crazy. The store said that they've sold 15 or so with no issues. May have to call Yamaha before contacting the store again.

          Update: Just tried the amp with 2 more guitars and 2 different cables. NO CHANGE in the problem!!! ""


          another guys responded ....

          "" I just now called Yamaha tech support. The guy I spoke with acknowledged the problem and said there is no fix at this time. He said I should turn the volume down half way. I told him that if my car stopped working at 60 mph that would be a defect and driving around at 30 mph would not be an acceptable solution. He had no response at all to that. I asked him why Yamaha continues to sell these amps with a known defect without informing customers. His response was "that is the decision" and "it is what it is". ""


          I was seriously considering a THR but bought a Cube 80XL, only about 50 euro more on Thomann.
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            What batteries are you using? I am not having the problem. If I use mine 2 -3 hours a day it lasts for over a week. Settings are usually: Lead Channel, Gain 12 o'clock, Volume 2 o'clock, Bass 2 o'clock, Mid & Trebble 12 o'clock, Aux in 10-12 o'clock. I use Samsung Eneloop slow charged on a PoweX 8 battery charger. I bought my THR10 mid November.


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              I play a Chapman Stick through mine. When I'm running batteries, the low notes can make it shut off if I'm playing pretty loud. This only happened when I first got the amp. There's no need to play loud with the THR. If you want it louder run the earphone out to a larger amp.

              One trick to keep it from shuting off is to use the online rack compressor to put a limit on your pre-set patches.
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                Thank you. Loud saturated bass have something to do with it. Shame, I was enjoying that cranked Money for nothing riff. I'll check out the online compressor I guess.

                Have a nice day