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Is there a way to memorize if you press anywhere on fretboard you can get it in your.


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  • Is there a way to memorize if you press anywhere on fretboard you can get it in your.

    ... head what tone it will be sounds like?... do you get it? what I mean is... ear training.

    I'm trying to learn songs by ear... Do you think if I practice chromatic scale numerous hours I will eventually get it? or is there a way? Can someone help? because I don't think I'm progressing.

    edit: so what do I do benricci?

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    Mindlessly practicing the chromatic scale for hours on end is not really ear training, and it's not likely to improve anything other than your finger dexterity. Just my opinion...


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      You can absolutely develop your ear. While I'm not sure you can train yourself to develop perfect pitch, I've noticed that the last year or two I've been getting a lot better at just blindly guessing the key of a song and getting it right. Even when I have to poke around for a second to find the key (which is most of the time), if it's a rock, blues or country type song I can usually figure it out by ear quickly. I could not do this when I first started. Not even close.

      IMHO, it's just like any other skill - you need to practice diligently. There are a lot of relative pitch training systems out there, but you can also just start working on trying to figure out songs by ear. That's probably the best thing. The key is to pick songs (or just melodies) that aren't too advanced. You probably know "Happy Birthday" or "Jingle Bells" - try that first. Then try working out solos to songs you like. This will do a lot more for your ear than playing chromatic scales over and over. That said, you can work on getting the sound of each interval in your ear - that will be very helpful.
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        Learn the songs and scales. Eventually you're going to just get it. You'll be able to figure things out.

        Now remember, it takes time. You're not going to have your ear trained by next Thursday.
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          If you are trying to train your ear which is a good thing, I would suggest when you play a note sing it the same time! Find the pitch with your voice and it will help you hear it with your ear. Also start out with trying to learn some easy songs before you move on to more complex things. Maybe some AC DC songs or something like that. It will come in time. Don't give up. At some point it will become second nature if you keep putting the time in.


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            Start Practicing and learning Solfege http://www.solfege.org/

            Also continue practicing scales and modes that run the entire fretboard
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