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How to convince my wife that I really do need more gear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by burton4snow
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    This is exactly what I do and when she says when did get that I say I have had it forever. She doesn't really notice any of my gear anymore!

    But it presents problems of its own. I played an Artcore AG95 today that was stunning. I even have some hundred$ in Amex gift certs to spend, so it would barely require any out of pocket expenditure. I just quite literally have no room left to put it without running a risk of it getting damaged or something.

    BTW I played it thru a Wholetone amp. Awesome combination.

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      You could try

      "Look, bitch! I buy what I want, now GET your ass in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!"

      Always happy to help.

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        My wife doesn't care
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          I Negotiate. I bought my latest guitar on the condition I sell one of my others and use the proceeds to buy her a Boomerang III loop pedal.
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            Play a continuous message while she is sleeping..........."your husband needs a new guitar - your husband needs a new guitar................
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              Quote Originally Posted by mschafft
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              How about agreeing on a monthly gear budget ?

              this.. but you can make it just a spending budget to include stuff like clothes, entertainment etc for yourself... the budget will be larger and then you just spend it all on gear

              works for me


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                Quote Originally Posted by scottgd
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                Be very careful, she will now need a pair of shoes to match the guitar.

                I bought my wife a new BMW last summer. I can pretty much buy whatever I want now.


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                  Grow a bigger Pair

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                    I always buy stuff on sale and say that I could sell it at a profit later if needs be. I have yet to test this assumption but it normally works.


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                      If you already have one guitar, she will never understand you needing another.
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                        Quote Originally Posted by Meowy
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                        My wife doesn't care

                        mine either really. Especially since I have been building more of them
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                          Quote Originally Posted by 8 Foot Manchild
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                          I Negotiate. I bought my latest guitar on the condition I sell one of my others and use the proceeds to buy her a Boomerang III loop pedal.

                          I still have one of those negotiated deals hanging. I made a half hearted attempt at selling one on craigslist. It didn't sell and she pretty much forgot about it but I don't want to try that one again for a while.


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                            Buy her something nice (not necessarily a beemer ) and then buy what you want.