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Site Is Breaking Down Again, Yes?

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  • Site Is Breaking Down Again, Yes?

    I'm experiencing a lot of difficulties with the site, especially sl-o-o-o-w loading pages. Is this true for you, as well?

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      Yep, last few days it's getting back to a crawl. Makes me feel more pathetic than a chronic compulsive masturbator to be wasting time here when the pace is this slow. It's like this morning I was thinking, "what's the deal(?), just about every other site I go to, I click on a link, AND it actually GOES there.
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        I'm guessing this is a busier forum than many others and the server can't keep up at times.


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          It's slowly falling apart, again.
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              When was it never not like this? Harmony Central is like going back to dial-up


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                Quote Originally Posted by bjcarl
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                When was it never not like this? Harmony Central is like going back to dial-up



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                  Its intermittent, but yea, same old crap.

                  Seems to be happening more frequently last few days.


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                    Honestly, there is no good excuse at this point. My favorite music server, absolute **************** hosting.
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                      It is really, really bad. I think I may stop coming here for awhile.
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                        I was here in 1997 when it was a newsgroup style forum. I was using dial up. It was much faster back then that it has been the last couple days.


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                          Seems to be slowing down.

                          My guess is that the hamster took a Christmas vacation early.


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                            I think it's easier to track the times when the site is working well.
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                              can't keep up to all the HNGD gibsons.