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Johnson Loredo 15R - better tube ?


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  • Johnson Loredo 15R - better tube ?

    Hi everyone !

    I have a stock Johnson Loredo 15R. It sounds alright, but a bit too midrangy and can't get cranked much because it gets really loud with gain and volume at 2 or 3.

    I once read that changing the stock tube can address these issues but I can't find the link anymore. Do you know what I should order to make it warmer and slightly quieter ?

    Thanks a lot, have a great day


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    you could to stick a 12at7 or 12au7 in V1 in the preamp.

    These valves have lower gain, so it will change the point at which you reach a certain volume.

    It works in some applications and some amps, but in most cases, you're better off how the amp was conceived. 15w valve amp is loud, that's the bottom line.
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      Great. Thanks a lot. I'll give them a try and order some off the bay. Any brands you'd recommend? (I'm a complete newbie to tube swapping.)


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        Try JJ - generally pretty good. Also Tesla and ElectroHarmonix.
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          You may not want to limit your tube swap to V1 - if you replace the other 12AX7 with an AT or even an AU you will get different and possibly quite favorable results as well
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