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Quarterly EUROSPAM Thread! By popular demand!


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  • Quarterly EUROSPAM Thread! By popular demand!

    Here you go. Eurodudes, have at it.

    This SPAM thread is for SPAM in the UK/Europe only, and I'll allow Aussie SPAM in here as well.

    All USA/Canada spam belongs in the other monthly spam thread.

    The regular rules still apply.

    All SPAM belongs in this thread only. Any SPAM threads started separately outside this thread will be deleted or marked as sold.

    This goes for trade spam too, all trades belong only in this thread.

    Also, please don't post fake "Might be selling my guitar soon, need to know what it's worth" threads. We all know that is usually just disguised spam and if it is, it will be deleted as well. If you need to know what your guitar is worth, do a search on eBay for completed items.

    Also, this thread is for guitar related spam only. Any spam for items or services not related somehow to Electric Guitars will be deleted.

    So, this means no spam for lawn furniture or dvd collections or used car parts, etc. Guitar related items only. Thanks.
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    Cheers for the clearout Fretsy.

    Any interest in a high quality Parts O'Caster.

    Body - MIJ Allparts Vintage White

    Pickguard - Fender mint

    Pickups - van Zandt Pure Vintage (original van Zandts, as wound by the man himself, no longer available)

    Neck - all maple, vee back, figured, oil finished

    Wilkinon/Gotoh vintage vibrato

    Grover Kluson style tuners 18:1

    CTs pots, CRL 5 way switch

    Offers in the region of
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      T3: Your PM Box is full again :

      Still waiting on the lost mail submission form that you said you would sort out monday

      I have

      GOOD SELLERS: Gambit , Cabrasguitars, Astatine, Barnaby Hardly, Soapbars
      BAD SELLERS : T3 No contact / Had to file my own lost mail submission


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        A Squier Telecaster!! Either a Standard, Affinity , CV or Vintage Modified

        In some sort of "natural" or "blonde" finish.

        Or an Xavier Tele.


        While I support free trade and capitalism with all of my red blooded American heart
        I must say that this guy makes a great argument for the introduction of govt. controlled internet guitar sales.


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            Fender hot rod deluxe for sale

            Fender hot rod deluxe, 40 watt, 3 channels (clean, drive, more drive) immaculate condition and comes with soft case.

            Full service and all valves replaced 18 months ago, never had any problems with it.

            It's spelt Squier.

            Check the EuroSpam thread and buy my stuff!

            Good deal with Ancient Mariner


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              F/S Godin SD, OHSC. Lowered price -
              http://tertl.blogspot.com - The Blog of the Ancient Mariner

              http://photoxon.blogspot.co.uk/ My photography blog

              WTB Emi Ramrod

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                I have an E series (1984-1987) MIJ Squier bullet up for grabs, Set up for 10-52s with the neck slightly shimmed, very playable and even the stock pickups sound good. Too nice to part out so I'm offering it up as it is, seriously clean for a 22-25 year old axe, no fretware and only very minor scratches in the finish. Fender Japan hardware, including good full size pots and quality switch, as well as Gotoh tuners and a kinda hybrid vintage/modern strat trem.

                Offers invited, also open to trades on small tube amps (fender champion 600 pref)

                *Member HCEFLOROAO

                Originally posted by sonaboy

                holy god - did he say VELVET??

                i'll second that motion...


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                  Quote Originally Posted by 211dave112
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                  (I'm selling this on behalf of a friend, local pickup only based in Swindon, Wilts. However could travel about 30 minutes eachway on the M4 if thats easier)

                  I'm playing in Swindon on Saturday night!! The 12 Bar!
                  Gibson LP Custom, Std, Studio, Jr (x2), SG Std (x2)
                  PRS Cu24, Cu22
                  Fender US Strat & Tele, Baja Tele, Hw1 P-Bass
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                  Orange PPC112
                  Laney B1, LC15


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                    FULLTONE 70 FUZZ PEDAL -


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                      Xotic FX AC Booster -

                      Wanting: Tokai/Burny/similar 335


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                        Looking for a Marshall Lead and Bass 20watter head... or ANYTHING similar...and im looking for a tokai 335!

                        Something like these:

                        The Black Dove Experiment
                        EP Available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify


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                          I'm still selling stuff for my friend who has a MASSIVE gear collection.

                          Here's whats on ebay right now.

                          GRETSCH G6120

                          GRETSCH TENNESSEE ROSE

                          GRETSCH COUNTRY CLASSIC II

                          LES PAUL CLASSIC

                          LES PAUL STANDARD WITH KAHLER TREM

                          LES PAUL CLASSIC 1960 Reissue

                          LES PAUL STUDIO

                          And my AC/DC tix. O2 16th April

                          Also got loads of other stuff to go up.

                          Mesa Road Kings, single rec, Ampeg Lee Jackson, Marshall JCM900 and a bunch of corresponding 4x12.

                          Message me if you want info.

                          Ebay link here.


                          Selling for CHEAP. Make an offer. I'm based in Winchester:
                          Marshall 1922
                          Marshall 1922
                          Marshall 1960 - Empty uncovered cab.
                          Marshall JCM800 Basscab 4x10. No tolex. Took it off and never got round to re-covering.
                          Heavily gigged Gibson Les Paul Gothic in hard case. Make an offer.


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                            Hi guys

                            I have a Behringer bass v-amp which I bought a few years ago and have never really used. Its just been sitting in its case for most of its life!

                            Recently I've been hankering after an Aphex Punch factory.

                            Anyone interested in a swap?
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                              Wanted: Strat neck... One off a MIM strat would be fantastical... what you got?
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