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Ibanez rgr465m or rg3xxv? Worth the price difference?


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  • Ibanez rgr465m or rg3xxv? Worth the price difference?

    Hello all!

    I have a serios GAS for an Ibanez rgr465m or rg3xxv. That HS config and the maple neck kills me...

    Now, as i live in Europe, i can get the Ibanez rgr465m for around 400 Euros and rg3xxv for about 600. The only difference between the 2, AFAIK, is the tremolo. I will use the tremolo for the ocasional dive bombs, but my playing style is more around the Michael Lee Firkins style (some nuances on notes). So, i will use the tremolo but not abuse it all the time.

    So what do you think? Do you think the 200 Euros price difference between the 2 is worth spending?

    Is the (rgr465m) Edge III that bad? Ok, the Edge-Zero II is better (no experience with any, this is just from what i read), but is the Edge III fine on it's own and will get a killer shred guitar with rgr465m or is it better to wait to get the cash for the rg3xxv?

    Thanks for your opinions!

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