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Strat trem springs vibrate when palm muting FIX!

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  • Strat trem springs vibrate when palm muting FIX!

    After upgrading to a Super Vee Bladerunner trem I backed off my springs a bit to let the bridge float as it is suppoed to

    and discovered that when I plam mute the springs vibrate enough to come though the amp.

    What to do?

    All of a sudden it hit me.  In my dremel toolbox I have polishing wheels which are little 1" diameter cotton discs which

    screw on to a separate shaft.  I popped one of these little duscs between the 3 springs and body and it is fixed!

    You can buy a pack of these polishing wheels for probably $3 or $5 and Lowe's Home Depot or where ever.

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    Awhile back there was a fix that use electrical shrink tubing (seen below). 
    One would slide one of these little tubes into each spring and that was the fix, and it worked for the vibrations.  The downside was that the tubes could add resistance to the springs and thus would through tuning off.
    I have not seen this part that you have used, so I can't really visualize how it works, but just a note of caution so that you keep an eye on your tuning as well.  If it's starts falling off pretty fast you know to think about your mod.











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      Got any of that soft foam that comes in (or at least used to come in) Seymour Duncan pickup boxes? Take strips of that and put it inside the springs. Should eat some of that noise.