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My 'new look' rant.

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  • My 'new look' rant.

    WHY THE AWFUL BACKGROUND?! Why the tiny middle secion with the stupid 'concert' background?!



















    Why the stupid, ugly, blue tinted background???!
















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    This new layout is a practical joke, right? It looks like AOL circa 1995 for **bleep**'s sake.


    Arrangements? How about I hit on two and four, and you shut the **************** up?


    • Beyer160
      Beyer160 commented
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      **bleep**? Really? I wasn't aware this site was demographically aimed at toddlers.


      What a total disaster. Fortunately, there are plenty more forums on teh internets...

    • Hand Amputation
      Hand Amputation commented
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      I would guess that a majority of people use this forum at work. This new design is a DEAD GIVEAWAY that I am wasting time at work. It looks much more obvious that I am on a music forum and not on a tech forum.


      Make it stop. Please.

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    **bleep** **bleep** **bleep**
    We're not in Kansas anymore.