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  • How To Post A Photo.....

    *To Post a Photo From Your Computer....

    1) Locate and click on the 'photo icon' on the bar above your text.  *hint* to the left of the 'film icon.'

    2) Choose 'Browse' to load a photo from your computer hard drive.

    3) Click to select your photo and wait for it to upload.

    4) Click 'Insert Image' to paste the photo into your text message.

    5) Click 'Post' to post your message including photo.


    *To Post A Photo From Photo Bucket Or Other Website

    1) Locate and click on the 'photo icon' on the bar above your text.  *hint* to the left of the 'film icon.'

    2) Click on 'From Another Site' right below the 'Browse' function.

    3) Paste in the 'Direct Link' to the photo from the website.


    5) Click 'Insert Image' to paste the photo into your text message.

    6) Click 'Post' to post your message including photo.




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    I don't give a d.a.m.n about hypes, fanclubs or tonal religions. All I care about is what works for me.<br><br>&quot;...it's not religion that's the problem, but any system of thought that insists that one group of people are inviolably in the right, whereas the others are in the wrong and must somehow be punished.&quot; ~ Rod Liddle<br><br><a target="_blank" href="http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=631095&amp;content=music">JROCK BRIDGE MUSIC</a>

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    Yeah, no. Not gonna happen.
    We're not in Kansas anymore.


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      It aint that bad, takes about 10 seconds more then the old forum.


      Apparently the "Title" thing fills itself in when you upload directly from your computer (something that we could not do before, you needed photobucket or some such site).  When you link from a web image though you have to put something in that field, which seems to me a bug that will get fixed.






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      Besides being a guitar player,
      I'm a big fan of the guitar.
      I love that damn instrument.
      -Steve Vai


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      jrockbridge, I love that dog! One of my budies has a male pug or whatever they are called, if a guy enters his home, his dog with try  to untie their shoe (s) when he goes to bend down to tie his shoes, his dog will then make a very asertive attempt to hump the dudes arm....it's funny as hell when someone new stops by his home, he never warns anyone.

      It must be a dude, the dog is not interested in humping a womans arm.

      Geezer Brigade Trooper #30
      1st generation Irish


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        Can't view images on mobile. Cool
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