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How To Post A YouTube Video....

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  • How To Post A YouTube Video....

    1) Find a YouTube video.

    2) Copy the address link of the YT video at the top of your browser by highlighting it and holding [CTRL] & pressing [C].

    3) Click on the 'film icon' above the text box.

    4) Click your pointer in the drop down box.

    5) Paste the link into the drop down box by holding [CTRL] and pressing [V].

    5) Press the [ENTER] key.

    6) Click [Insert Video]

    7) Click [POST] to post your video and/or text.

    *Note:  You can use the right mouse button on PC to accomplish the same thing as the CTRL buttons.

    This may seem complicated when reading but it works similar to vBulletin.  






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