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Parcel Post and return to sender

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  • Parcel Post and return to sender

    I sent a guitar via parcel post to someone and after a lot of back and forth we agreed i'm getting the guitar back.

    When dealing with return to sender how does this work with parcel post USPS? 

    Do i have to pay for having the guitar sent back to me?

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    I'd contact your P.O., but I'd say the shipper pays the postage.

    That would be the person with the guitar.

    Unless you arranged ahead of time to pay for and send/email the buyer a return shipping label.

    On eBay, for example, 99% of the time the person doing the return pays for the return shipping.

    I'd be very surprised if the USPS lets anybody write "Return To Sender" on a package the size of a guitar and returns said package to the sender for free.