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  • Sooo much better

    Yes, this is a step in the right direction for sure ... at least it feels like we're in 2013!!

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    It ain't pretty, but it does look like a 21st century interface and the speed is excellent. Hopefully that will scale and maintain when there are 20,000 people all logged on at the same time.


    A couple of 'issues':

    When I post, the post does not appear in the thread until the page is refreshed by clicking 'show post'.

    Word wrap isn't working in the 'post message' text box when editing a post (and when creating a post?) under Firefox on OSX.

    I seem to have 'lost' 2000 posts, not that it matters in the least, but that information may be useful.

    Forum clock claims it's 12.43am, so time localisation isn't working yet (presumably I'll need to update personal location settings, rather than them porting across).


    Overall - this looks enormously better than HC 2.0 - well done guys, and thank you for keeping going despite all the pissing and whining.

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