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Harmony Central has “soft launched” our new mobile experience this past week. While we have done extensive testing, we know that with a community as large as HC that there will be items that surface that will still need to be addressed. We are asking that you utilize the thread belowto report any challenges you may encounter. Here are the things we request you provide: A brief description of the issue, the device and operating system version you were using, the browser and version, screen resolution, and a screen shot of the display.
Thanks for your patience as we work towards the best experience we can provide to our community.

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What would you change about the new format, constructively speaking?

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    Is there a search function?  If there is, I don't seem to be able to find it...  :catsad:

    Oh - and how about some non-cat, non-woman emoticons?  :womanfrustrated:

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    • Saturn
      Saturn commented
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      Kid Klash wrote:

      Is there a search function?  If there is, I don't seem to be able to find it...  :catsad:

      Oh - and how about some non-cat, non-woman emoticons?  :womanfrustrated:

      The search function is right at the too left. According to the video on the main page if you search fron the form it will only search posts. If searching from the main page it will search the entire site.

       :catmad: Yes the emoticons suck badly. 

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    It is working at least.




    :robotembarrassed:  Robot emoticon:robotfrustrated:

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    • bubkus_jones
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      Swappable themes. Would prefer something not so blindingly white. Don't want to have to readjust my monitor every time I go to and leave this forum. So, yeah, some off-white, slight grey shading would be nice.

      It has the feeling of a webpage that hasn't been fully rendered.

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    I don't care for the useless space to the right of the threads list. I don't really care about this change, it's functional (at least it has been so far) the skin colors are brighter than what I would prefer but it's not that bad. This is much better than HC2.0 at least.

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