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  • Later y'all

    This forum is too painful to use. I can't possibly conceive a worse design for a message forum.

    Met a lot of cool folks here. I've seen a few of 'em over at wein's, which is where I'll be doing the majority of my forum bs'ing.

    Peace all, all the best.

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    Hate to see you go Wag... that's goes for most anyone.  I will say that I've seen a lot of improvement in just 24 hours, so I am not giving up yet.  There are tricks for overcoming the shortcomings and I can envision getting used to things as time passes.  Maybe just stay tuned to see how things progress.

    Originally Posted by wedgehed II

    Instead of searching for intelligent life in the universe, NASA should send a probe to this thread.


    • Saturn
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      Hate to loose someone who contributes to the forum as much as you do Wag but I feel your pain. The issues with iPad functionality have me feeling like not coming here any more but I'll give it a chance. They have made improvements over the last 24 hours. 

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    That's too bad Wagdog, I'm sure I'm not the only one who believes you are a valued member here.  Hopefully the tweaks work and we'll see you back here.

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      boo hoo

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    The mobile site is MILES better than the full site. Every time a page loads in the full site you have to scroll down to get to the forum. That's unusable, I agree. I imagine they'll fix it, but they'll get pressure from marketing to keep those banners in our faces.


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      See you at Wein's!


      • Highway_61
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      Get your **bleep** back here!  The new format may be a pain in the **bleep**, but we may be able to adapt and you're a good contributor!



      Edit:  Well look at that **bleep**, the new platform edits out @ss and even @rse.  Well, **bleep** it, I'm out of here too! 

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        Hate to see you go.
        ................The REAL Brah

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        • dmc69
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          Before everyone leaves, be sure to check out the threads on how to change the look of HC to a simpler, more familiar look via scripts and plug-ins.

          I got HC on Firefox to look decent again with a plug-in called Stylish.

        • Tone Deaf
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          Fuck, I'm more likely to leave because of HCEG sans wagdog than because of new format.


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        • GAS Man
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          How the hell did ToneDeaf get a F-U-C-K through when I could even get @ss to go through??

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          soundcreation wrote:

          i love that bit, i saw an interview not long ago where he said the other guy on the plane was actually him. 

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        I click on threads when I see that wagdog is the most recent poster.

        Cheers, Bro.



        Fuck the suck!

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        I'm a big fan of the guitar.
        I love that damn instrument.
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        • jrockbridge
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          Hopefully, I'll see you over there from time to time.



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        right there with you, waggy dog.   I'll be hanging at tdpri until  this pages gets easier on the eyes. 


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        • Kevman
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          For real? It's not THAT bad...Beats a sharp stick to the eye and HCEG forumites are the regardless of which cross section hang at other forums (which also may be cool). I'm not giving up on this place. If I were a quitter like that I would have moved to Canada after November.

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        Where is everybody that left here. At Mark's forum?

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