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Opinion an Vox AC4C - blue or green

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tone Deaf
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    Opinion? Seems blasphemous to relegate one of the most distinctive sounding, historic, workhorse of an amp as nothing more than an extension cab for what's essentially a lackluster amp that just happens to have a Vox logo on it.

    Just use your DRRI and add a pedal for your dirt. The options you've mentioned seem like a downgrade in my opinion.

    DRRI + quality dirt pedal > any of the Vox amps you're considering.

    Point well taken!!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by chrisjnyc
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      I have the white AC4TV... its a decent low watt amp, but doesn't sound anything like an AC30. My biggest issue, is that you don't have a lot of clean headroom. It gets dirty very quick, and not the best tube distortion.

      I played the new green one, and it sounded pretty much the same.

      Have you tried the Vox Pathfinder? Its a great solid state amp.

      The AC4TV is a tad farty with the stock tube.

      That's what inspired this post from my past.
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        I had a white one. Loved it at first, but quickly tired of it. I had both an AC15, and an AC50cp2. Honestly, it sounded "Voxish" but it seriously lacked low-end. IMO, the Valvetronix line are far better amps for the same money.
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