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  • I don't care who leaves

    All these "I'm leaving" threads are silly. Just keep quiet and leave. Too much drama. In the grand scheme of life this internet forum ranks right above butterfly catching in importance. I've never seen so much whining over a free service in my life.
    I one day hope to be the man my dog thinks I am.WORDS OF WISDOM FROM VARIOUS MEMBERS"most often the guitar will rise or fall to the level of the player""people overthink ****************""Sometimes you gotta know when to shut the **************** up and have a little class. Not you, you're special.""If it sounds good to you then it sounds good"The bull**************** and myths in the guitar world are stacked very high.

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    I want everyone to stay. The reason this forum remains my favorite--and the reason, I suspect, that it used to crash a lot more than other forums--is that it is  very active. Sure, the Les Paul Forum is more stable and the G&L forum is more stable and MWGL is more stable, but it's often moribund at those forums. It can take forever to get a response to a post.

    But if you're not going to stay, quit announcing you're leaving, because you know you're really not going--and that, if you do leave, it's going to be very temporary.


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      But I'd care if you left Lonnie99.  Why?  Because I care.

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      ...and I don't care if you don't  miss me.


      I own a f ucking forum. If 1/4 your user base complains you change it. The site is literally unreadable to me, I have epilepsy. Something about the colors+layout hurts, get seizure auras. Brown on my phone is fine.

      Originally Posted by csm

      You get a limited-edition self-relic'ing guitar at no extra cost and you're COMPLAINING?

      [Insert religious affiliation political party and or spiritual belief here]

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      Vox Ampeg Peavey Hartke Bogen and Bugera amps, every tube pedal i can find. Muff. Loopers.


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        HCEG, so ugly it gives nicholai seizures

        (odd thing is I've never been photo sensitive before, they achieved a first)

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      i do

      there's some people who i really dig that will probably split.. it's a shame, but it is what it is

      i'm sticking around though ... for me, "hey guys we know the place isn't right yet but we jumped ship early because the other place kept crashing" is acceptable... even if things could have been handled better.. i'm not personally offernded by it... that just seems a bit ridiculous





      • w00dsy
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        people that are too impatient to give this new upgrade a few weeks to iron out the wrinkles probably aren't going to add much to the community anyway. Give me a group of calm logical people and i'll stay even if i have to learn a few new buttons.