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Please help me identify this Fernandes


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  • Please help me identify this Fernandes

    I bought it used in 1994. I'm pretty sure it's a Fernandes, but it doesn't have any markings to identify the brand.

    It has:

    3 high-output humbucking pickups (the middle one is single-spaced)

    An on-off switch for each individual pickup

    a Kahler Floyd Rose tremolo

    Fine-tuner knobs on the tremolo

    Locking tuners

    (It used to have a standard nut, but I put in a zero fret myself to improve the intonation.)


    I want to sell it on eBay, so I'd like as much information to post about it as I can. Please help if you know something!



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    I'm not an expert but nothing about that guitar says Fernandes to me.
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    I bought it a long time ago, and I seem to remember hearing at the time that it was a Fernandes. Plus, it looks a lot like the "Revolver" line on Fernandes website.



    But maybe its not a Fernandes. Any idea what it could be? Thanks for the replies so far.


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