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OMG I think I am turning to Rockabilly >>>>>>>>>>>

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  • OMG I think I am turning to Rockabilly >>>>>>>>>>>

    Been listening to '20 flite rock' and the driving backing to ' guy down the chip shop swears he's Elvis'.

    Please suggest some starter Rockabilly albums/songs.

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    I won't suggest any albums, but here is a short listing of artists living and dead.  Carl Perkins, Billy Riley, Brian Setzer, Jim Heath of The Reverend Horton Heat(my current favorite since I have recorded with them.).  I am sure a Google search will yield an extensive listing of notable artists of this genre.

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      No recommendations as such but its good stuff.  It took me awhile to really appreciate it, like a fine wine.

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    Both of these albums are excellent contemporary cover albums. Most of them sound much better than the originals because the originals were, sadly, low-quality acetate recordings.

    Chris Isaak Beyond the Sun

    Brian Setzer Rockabilly Riot Volume 1

    Jeff Beck did a great rockabilly album called Crazy Legs.

    Bands to Check out: Carl Perkins, The Head Cat, Brian Setzer, Stray Cats, Reverend Horton Heat, Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Imelda May, Rosie Flores, Wanda Jackson, Buddy Holly, Jace Everett

    Rockabilly can really suck you into a roots-of-rock k-hole, so do your wallet a favor and get a Spotify account before you get in too deep!


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    Eddie Cochran, Brian Setzer, and Carl Perkins is more than enough of a starting place, but getting plenty of Eddie Cochran is most important.

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      I had the chance to work with this guy over the weekend.

      search youtube for "cousin harley" or "paul pigat" for more.

      he also has instrutional DVDs available