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  • Orlando Guitar Show 2013

    I went to the 25th (ish) Orlando Guitar Show yesterday, and had a great time.  Brought  couple guitars in case I founds something I just had to trade for, but it was not to be.  Lots of good stuff, and I talked to a few dealers who said it was actually a pretty good show for them. Nice to hear.  I also talked to a guy from Historic Makeovers, who worked on a number of Joe Bonamassa's guitars.


    The folks from Warrior were there, and had some absolutely stunning guitars and basses:




    A few general shots:





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    Thank you for sharing! The pics look great. Those warrior guitars look too nice to play. What did you bring along as trade bait?
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      I brought my '96 SRV strat and '08 Les Paul Traditional.  I was looking for another Suhr, or maybe a PRS Custom 24, but I really like those two guitars so I didn't see anything I wanted to part with them for.  There were tons of vintage strats, teles, and les pauls, in addition to custom builders.  Lots of great amps, too.

      The Warriors were amazing - sorry I don't have bigger pics.  Obviuosly not something I'd take to a bar gig on the wrong side of hte tracks, but they're pretty stunning in person.