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Help Mods--Frets. I can not reset my Joeboy account

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  • Help Mods--Frets. I can not reset my Joeboy account

    I created this account (JoeBenstein) the last time I could not get in and Frets came to my rescue. I am not sure what email account that JoeBoy is tied to. Help!!!

    Thanks in Advance 

    JoeBoy aka Joe Benfield


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    How do you IM on the new format?


    • GilmourD
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      Have you just tried punching every e-mail you have into the reset password form? If there's no account linked to an e-mail it'll tell you.

      Also... If you have an AOL account, AOL seems to be holding onto the e-mails for HOURS before actually passing them to your inbox. I've had this issue with some other sites as well only on my AOL account. It's a real PITA.

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    I couldn't get mine back, but then I noticed the reset email in my spam folder. I don't readily see my spam folder on my phone, so it took me a bit to figure it out.
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      PM Meowmi with your info.
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      • JoeBenstein
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        Thanks GilmourD. I just did. Hope to be back to my old self soon.