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Where to find a fretless guitar or neck

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  • Where to find a fretless guitar or neck

    I'm having trouble finding a fretless guitar or at least a fretless neck. I can't seem to find any on ebay. I am wanting to experiment with more than the standard 12 notes on a guitar, and it seems hard to find. Anyone have any info?

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    You could get a regular neck and pull all the frets and replace them with another kind of wood and sand flat . . .


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      Go here:http://www.rondomusic.com/al3000csbfl.html


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        You could get a regular neck and pull all the frets and replace them with another kind of wood and sand flat . . .

        Great idea, didn't even think of that (duh!!)


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          One nice thing about those, no fret buzz. If you'd like to hear some killer fretless playing check out Ed Degenaro. Fusion madness.
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            I have made a few. easy to do yourself. +1 to Ryans post
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                That looks crazy. I wants.
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                  I picked up an old beat guitar for a few buck on craigslist and tore off the frets. It takes some needle nose plyers, some patience and about 40 minutes.  

                  Check out the link below to hear a something that I recorded on a hundred dollar guitar that I removed the frets: 



                  Vinny Stefanelli 




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                    Godin makes a fretless nylon string.

                    Vigier makes a great fretless with a metal fretboard. Its like having one giant fret, in terms of tone and sustain.