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Warmoth Thinline Tele gets a Wardrobe Change

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  • Warmoth Thinline Tele gets a Wardrobe Change

    I had a brown shell pickguard on this guitar for awhile. I switched to parchment white for a change of pace. I like it. I also have a black one that might make an appearance soon. Here's a video with some tone samples.


    And a photo:

    Warmoth Tele

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    I liked the original guard better.  Then again I detest white guards on burst-finished guitars.  I bet black would look great on that guitar too...especially with black hardware.


    Of course these are just my opinions.  The only opinion that matters is yours.

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      Axegrinder--the nice thing about pickguards is that you can change them quickly and easily (most of them, anyway). I like the white on this guitar because it doesn't mess with the color of the burst or compete for attention with that beautiful ash body like MOTS guards sometimes do. The black will make an appearance very soon!

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    looks good....but I preferred the tort guard, myself...
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