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  • Mark Knopfler's Les Paul

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    That looks pretty fancy for a guy who is not really into "furniture guitars" so I'm wondering if it is a re-issue.

    I like the way he cranks the amp quite a bit then plays lightly on the guitar but if he wants to dig in it can get really gritty.
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      Two words: "Bad **bleep**"


      Everytime I see him on vid, I just get a grin from ear to ear. He never ceases to amaze with his playing. Plus, that tone. mmmmmmmmmmm.


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        Amazing tone. Love that!! Is he playing through two garden-variety DeVille amps?

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        • Zappa74
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          He's good at guitar.

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        Delicious tonez. If they are Devilles or HRD's I wouldnt be surprised, Im sure the dude could make a Gorilla sound like secks

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        • aj_guitarist
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          Great tone, great player!

        • evets618
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          Meh, what horrible amps, those Aitch-Arr-Dees!
          Heck, I could sound 'zactly like him if I only had some real 'spensive amps!