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  • Anti-GAS

    I cut this out and hung it on the wall of my home studio - the ultimate "Anti-GAS" quote:

     "There's no magic box that will do it for us.  The more I record, the more I realize the ultimate secret to doing something great in thr studio is simply to write something cool, and then play it right.  That's it.  There are no tricks.  If my guitar and amp work, then those two things are already doing their jobs, and the rest is on me.  If something doesn't sound right, it's between my right hand and my left hand.  One of those guys is f**king up!" - Brendan Small.


    And in my experience it's 100% true, despite my "want list" and "GAS list" and continual shopping and browsing new guitars and amps (not that I buy a whole lot).  Don't lose the music amidst the flash and flare or cool gear.

    Okay, you may now proceed to post pics of ridiculous fame tops and vintage amps... GO!

    "There are only two things to remember: don't stop, and keep going." - Frank ZappaVisit

  • #2

    great quote... goes for all gear, to a point

    having said that, i'm about to drop $1200 on a (used) microphone and then send it to a tech guru to mod it, which will cost me an additional $500

    and yet i agree with the quote... go figure