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Mahogany JS1000 body from Perle?


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  • Mahogany JS1000 body from Perle?

    I love my JS1000! No guitar I have ever owned plays like it.:cattongue:
    I don't like basswood bodies though....
    Even the movement of my strap is picked up and amplified.
    It also has a tendency to feedback in an unwanted way with higher gain settings.

    I'm really leaning toward buying a mahogany body from Perle.
    Has anyone here done this?
    I love everything about the guitar, except the fact that the body is made out of the same wood as model airplanes, and the fact that every bridge pickup I have tried in it is still too bright.

    I don't care about weight, I care about tone and sustain.

    I know I could just sell it and find another guitar that is made out of mahogany, but the neck on my JS is phenomenal and the Lo-Pro Edge just won't go out of tune, no matter how hard I bang on it.
    Want more info about the kind of Guitars, pls visit: http://www.js1000guitar.com/js1000-history/

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    I don't have any direct experience with it, The guys over at the Jem site seem to regard Nate (Perle)'s stuff pretty highly.