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is this a fake?

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  • is this a fake?

    Headstock logo doesn't look right to me.

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    The bridge pickup is a "Duncan Designed." The logo doesn't look right on the head stock, but that might be poor pictures. The bridge isn't a stock MIM bridge.

    Need more info. Could be a Franken-Tele.
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    • GilmourD
      GilmourD commented
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      Is that a Koa Tele? There was a short MIK run of them a few years ago.

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    MIK Fender Koa Tele. A notch above MIM telecasters. Really hot Duncan pickups too. I have one also. Great guitars.


    • wanderoo222
      wanderoo222 commented
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      "MIK Fender Koa Tele. A notch above MIM telecasters. Really hot Duncan pickups too. I have one also. Great guitars."


      Thanks, I was hesitant about checking it out.

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    That looks like a good buy. It will have a figured birdseye maple neck also.


    • #5

      Can't tell for sure, but someone badly doesn't know how to intonate a guitar - if you try it, it will sound nasty with chords.


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      • steve_man
        steve_man commented
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        yup, Koa Tele...really nice guitars. For $300, that's a no-brainer...grab it quick! Those were fairly expensive, if I remember correctly (compared to a regular MIM model).

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      Whenever you seethat plastic/nylon insert in the truss rod adjust, it's nearly always Korean


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      • wanderoo222
        wanderoo222 commented
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        Yep, it's real. In fact I just bought it . Its a beauty. Thanks everyone.

    • #7
      Definitely a fake. You got ripped off, dude!
      We're not in Kansas anymore.


      • wanderoo222
        wanderoo222 commented
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        I just knew it....