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    Hi anyone ever played a Kona guitar besides their cheap acoustics?

    Ever played a Kona KEL5BK?  If so, what are pickups and neck like?


    KONA KEL5BK see pic below


    I currently play a 2009 hagstrom viking reissue which I love, but I feel like a full hollow body might better suit my needs. I want that warm jazzbox sound but ideally in a hollow body with a slim tapered neck, so I found this KONA KEL5BK on craigslist for a great price but can't find much commentary online about Kona electrics. These are supposed to have a 60's style neck I believe. 


    Has anyone played one of these or another model in the Kona 'jazzed' series?  

    I know they have a few semi hollow es-335 - type models in the series as well. 


    Any feedback on these would be much appreciated. 


    THANK YOUkona guitar.jpg

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    I've never played one but if you want feedback it shouldn't be a problem with a full hollow body. .png" alt=":smileywink:" title="Smiley Wink" />

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    • diceman1000
      diceman1000 commented
      Editing a comment

      if you do some dogging you'll find better choices than Kona... honestly, i'd check out Cort or Geg Benett by Samick...


      but if the Kona is priced right, and you like the way it plays... get the Kona... 


      reviews an feedback are all subjective anyway...