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Who got one of those Gibson 70s tributes?


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  • Who got one of those Gibson 70s tributes?

    Talk to me about the pickups please.
    Hot or mild?
    Firebird blade construction?
    Magnet type?
    Four wire connection?

    And mostly, how do they sound?
    We're not in Kansas anymore.

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    Hotter than standard minis, but in a good way. Not sure about the magnets. Love the way it sounds.its in my regular rotation
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      Hot or mild?

      Hot and loud. These are the loudest humbuckers I own.

      Firebird blade construction? Magnet type?

      Gibson says they are dual blade pickups with Alnico magnets.

      Four wire connection?

      Never had a reason to open mine and look.

      They sound great. Very vintage with high end that


      • GAS Man
        GAS Man commented
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        I opened my spreadsheet.


        It confirms that I own one.


        In the "SG" (that stands for "solid guitar" so I understand) guitar.


        And let me see, they sound the way Angry Tele and I have confirmed.


        Buy one.  Consumerism is the way to inner peas.

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      Nah, I saw a set of pullout pickups on fleabay and I was thinking about getting them on the cheap but it doesn't sound like what I'm after.

      Thanks for the reports.
      We're not in Kansas anymore.


      • Mad Tele
        Mad Tele commented
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        they are not hot but they are very loud.  6.2K and 6.9K  ...they do drive my tweed deluxe harder than any other pickups except my overwound p90s which are 10K.  dual A5 magnets that sit on top of a magnetic plate which I think makes the field even stronger (much like a tele baseplate works)


        they sound like bright, more focused PAFs.