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Cort M 600 Guitars. Anyone have experience with it?


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  • Cort M 600 Guitars. Anyone have experience with it?

    I really like the looks of the double cut. They seem like very nice looking guitars and the prices are reasonable.


    Anyone have one? What's the neck like? Pictures would be awesome.

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    I've tried them. The necks feel similar to a Gibson 60's profile to me. I have a M520 that I like quite a bit.


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      I had one, I got in about 2007, the necks on the earlier ones were thicker than the new ones.  It played reallly well and pissed my buddy off who just bought a gibson les paul because it sounded so good for $450 bucks.  I'm pretty heavy handed and found the frets wore quite quickly but it could have been me, I played a lot that year.

      I don't think you can go wrong with one honestly.  It sustained forever and I chose it over an epi les paul as it felt superior to me.  Weighed a ton though.