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  • Aria PE-Series ID

    I'm not new here, but its been a long while since I've been in the forums. A lot has changed... Anyway, I bought an Aria PE series in a kind of wine red colour. It has three P-90s and a wrap around bridge. It has pearl inlay Aria logo and dove on the headstock. Controls are one volume and one tone that is also a push/pull pot, and a three way switch. I can't upload a picture as I'm on an iPad and there doesn't seem to be an option for uploading.
    So, does anyone have any idea about this guitar? I've searched the net and so far only seen one for sale in Australia. No other info. I don't know how old it is, where its from (other than its made in Korea).
    Any information is gratefully received.

    Edit: I just found the one I saw before, so it's pretty much this guitar, but in wine red http://www.adpost.com/au/musical_instruments/578/

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    Here's a resource that might help you:


    I'm also a proud owner of 4 Matsumoku instruments, Aria Pro II PE-1500, a TA-60, and a CSB-450 bass. I also own an "Orlando" brand electric 12-string. Great guitars, still largely "sleepers" on the secondhand market, meaning bargains can still be had if you keep your eyes open.
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      Thank you for your reply. I don't think my guitar is on that site though the truss rod cover on my guitar reads simply 'PE-SERIES' and I looked at all the PE series guitars on their list. Also my guitar doesn't seem to be as ornate as the ones on that site. They are all very good looking. Mine seems a bit more no frill compared to them.

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    Anyone else? Sure somebody else has seen this guitar before?
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      If it's not on the Matsumoku site then it's most likely a newer one....Maybe 90's judging by the one you posted?  Just a guess though.   Don't think the doves were on the old ones.  I haven't looked a lot but there isn't much documentation about Aria's post Matsumoku. 


      Unless it's a very high end model it's probably Korean made.

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    It won't be listed in a Matsumoku catalogue. It's probably not terribly old - just another model from the middle years of Aria, but if it plays well then that's great. In another 10 or 20 years the Korean instruments will have gathered a following, just like the early Japanese stuff, and then people will begin compiling lists and catalogues.

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      Thanks for the input. It does sound and play very nice so I am happy with it. And it is a unique looking instrument. Just a shame there's no specific info on it.
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