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Best Single Pickup Electric Guitar?

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  • Best Single Pickup Electric Guitar?

    What do you think is the coolest looking and best sounding electric guitar that has only one pickup?
    "Quit analyzing frequency responses...it's about feeling, son."
    - Forumite Elias Graves' Uncle Jack

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    Originally Posted by cratz2

    Your shirt is the manliest shirt I've ever witnessed.
    And the fact that you haven't punched Cockbobbler Chickenguy in the naughty bits for making fun of it proves how much of a stud you truly are.


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      LP jr style with p90 in the bridge...

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        La Cabronita


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          La Cabronita

          Beg to differ.....


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            Beg to differ.....

            I'll take a Filtertron anyday, especially if it's a TV Jones.


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              A double-cut LP Jr.

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                A double-cut LP Jr.

                We have a winner!!!!! Those guitars are attitude machines. There's actually not much you can't do with those, once you learn how to use the tone control......
                Geezers can still rock, just not too late


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                  Yup, LP Junior double cut.
                  Hold mah beer an' watch this!


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                    Melody Maker.
                    Theres only two kinds of music HEAVY and METAL!!!!!


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                        We're not in Kansas anymore.


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                          I'm a bit biased because it's mine. I truly love the La Cabronita and hope to build one sooner or later.
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                          and no one ever goes to hell unwillingly."
                          -CS Lewis


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                            The one and only:


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                              MM was the first thing to come to mind. Then I remembered Malcolm's Gretsch

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