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Koch Studiotone Amp - Do you know what brand of tubes they use?

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  • Koch Studiotone Amp - Do you know what brand of tubes they use?


    I recently purchased a Studiotone ST20-C amp.  I love it!  It sounds beautiful, and it is very well made.   

    I would like to purchase a spare set of tubes.  I see in the Operating Instructions that the amp contains these tubes:





     Power tubes:

      EL84 (2, matched, duet)

    Does anyone know the manufacturer of the tubes used by Koch?  I would like replacements to duplicate the sound.  I don't want to take out the existing tubes to check, as I know they are fragile.  I've tried to contact Koch, and had no response.  They sell replacement tubes, but they are located in the Netherlands, and I'd like to find a local sources.

    Any good suggestions on where to buy new tubes?

    Thanks very much!

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    Tubes really aren't that fragile. Just don't drop them or give them to a toddler.
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      I don't know much about those amps.  I've been happy with the tubes I've gotten from both tubedepot and eurotubes.

      For some reason, I thought a Cuntz guitar might go well with a Koch amp.  But, that's just a hunch since I've never owned either of those brands.