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I've always been intrigued by the Explorer


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  • I've always been intrigued by the Explorer

    I've always been intrigued by the Explorer ever since I first saw Lynyrd Skynyrd:catlol:, but never had the money to afford one. Finally saved enough to buy one and came across this at my local Guitar Center. It caught my eye right off the bat, in the center of a wall of Strats, Les Pauls, SGs etc... Was initially going for a strat because I already had a Les Paul. I saw this one had coil tapping so I pulled it off the wall and plugged it in.

    Once I split the coils it had that Strat/Telecaster sound right off. This guitar has so much sound and sustain for days, and the finish and creme binding is beautiful. I tried other guitars but came straight back to this one every time. After about 2 hrs of playing I knew this was the one and bought it straight out. I totally recommend this for someone who wants the power of a Gibson with the clean bell like tones of a Fender. It even stays clear with loads of gain. All in all epic guitar..

    More info about the kind of guitars, pls visit: http://www.gibsonexplorerguitar.com/dethklok/


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    i think my next guitar will be an Explorer, i dig the hell out of them. 


    • GAS Man
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      They are an interesting design fo sho.

      I have 3 of them myself, but they tend to get neglected due to their bulk.  My fave is my Mahogany Pro.


      Congrats with your purchase, and many hours of joy to you with it