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Chinese Epiphone Dot Vs Gibson ES-335


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  • Chinese Epiphone Dot Vs Gibson ES-335

    anyone have the two and can compare ? I have a 2005 Chinese dot I got in a trade and it has become my main guitar over my other much more expensive guitars cause it just has this thick snarling tone with my current drives and fuzzes... I looked it up and 2005 was the first year they started making the Dots in china.. not sure if someone switched the pickups in this or it is just one of those lucky models but it rocks...

    any other users have thoughts ? chime in!

    Epi Dot

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    I did a video comparison a few years ago....


    Not the best sound quality .. but in this particular situation.. they both sounded great.


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    • Logieberra
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      Oh I have seen this a few times, they sound quite similar... Never understood why people MUST have a Gibson... has to be some sort of elitist identity thing

      great demo though!

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    Dots Rock!
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      I own a Gibson, and my friend has an Epi. The tuners,pickups, and electronics are not very good on the Epi. Switch those, and you have 99.99% of the Gibson tone.

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    I have an Epi Dot (MIK, for the manufacturing snobs) and a Gibson 339. The Gibson is nicer and sounds better, and my Epi has Duncans. Doesn't mean my Epi sucks, because it's a very cool guitar, but I thought the Gibson was worth it. And I'm not an elitist.
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