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    The coolest neckthru roadstar ever:

    This particular specimen was cleared of the original paint and the
    Sims Custom shop resprayed it in a custom color.

    I found it so awesome that I saved the pics on my server.

    The owner put it together like this:

    Not mine but what an awesome job by Sims.
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      That is a painfully attractive guitar.

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        dyroot wrote:
        Hey, im looking into buying a new guitar, and I like the look of the mid 80's Ibanez Roadstar II guitars. Are these any good? They look really neat

        Yes, those are very good guitars.

        They are equivelent to the highly sought after JV series of Fenders from that era - which is not surprising considering the fact that they were made in the same factory at the same time. The only big difference is the price tag.

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