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tele loaded pickguard swap


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  • tele loaded pickguard swap

    I really like the mex fender pickups in my other guitar and I've been looking around for some to put in a squire std tele I have. I know squires are sometimes off with where things are drilled and was hoping you guys might know if this would fit without modification before I purchased it.

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fender-Telecaster-MIM-Loaded-Pickguard-Bridge-Pickups-Control-Plate-/200879701506?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item2ec55c fe02

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    Buy the kit for $75 but just use the pickups with your existing bridge and pickguard. If the control plate does not fit well, then use the contols with your existing plate.


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      should I just buy pickups at that point then. How much better is the wiring on the mex stuff? I bought this squire to mod but I dont want to waste money on extra stuff.