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Schecter C-1 E/A question


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  • Schecter C-1 E/A question

    I currently have an acoustic Martin and am looking for a semi-hollowbody that has a narrower neck and lower play action. I want to keep the acoustic sound but also have the electric sound as well. I am looking at a used Schecter C1 E/A but have to drive some distance to actually see it. I am a female player with small hands. Will this guitar have fit my needs?

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    I almost exclusively play my Hollobody, and Ibanez AF 75. I love the thing to death, but it doesn't have the same sound as an acoustic. That's not to say it doesn't sound excellent unplugged, but if you're playing it unplugged with other acoustics you'll easily be drowned out.

    Judging by the looks of a Schecter hollobody, it seems to be a little larger and may have a more full sound. I love my hollowbody, both plugged in and acoustic, but if you plan on using it acoustically for more than just practice I'd highly recommend you play it yourself and see if it sounds the way you want.


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      Have you looked at a Daisy Rock? Knowing you're female, I'm not trying to be cute...Daisy Rock is the same company as Schecter so the quality should be comparable if not identical, and they have at least one semi-hollow that I know of...

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    lakejumper wrote:
    I want to keep the acoustic sound but also have the electric sound as well. 

    Do you actually want to play it acoustically or are you looking for an acoustic sound when amplified?

    Some of the Godin guitars have good acoustic sounds with onboard EQ as well as electric pickups and come in solid and semi-sold styles. They are also reasonably priced for the high quality instruments that they are.

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    C1 necks are very similar to a 1970s Gibson neck; narrow and round at the headstock (with a volute) and fairly thick at the body. The thick part of a Schecter is slightly thinner and noticably flatter than the Gibson. For some reason Schecter necks tend to feel wide, but the actually aren


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      Thanks for all of the replies. I plan on plying it plugged in. I will keep the Martin for acoustic playing. I will check out the Godin.