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    Hoping someone here may know his rig, the Gibson 335 is obvious, how about the rest? Any fans here of his playing? The Moody Blues are still one of me favorite bands, a lot of great musicians me thinks. Thank's for any info.
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    There's a discussion here :


    Any listening suggestions?
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      In the studio, it was just his 335 with the pickup selector usually set in the middle position into Marshall 2021 Fuzz/Reverb Unit then into either the normal channel of a Vox AC30/TB or straight into the desk.

      He used a Tele on the bridge pickup for the solo on "Ride My Seesaw."

      Live he used a lot of different amps. In the 1970s he used different Marshall and Hi-Watt stacks.

      Somewhere along the line he pickup up a compressor of some sort and an Eventide Harmoniser.

      On recent tours, I think he has used an old 50W Marshall half-stack and some sort of Boss pedal for dirt.


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        I love the tone on his guitar on the song "Lovely to See You."
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          When I saw them 71/72 he played through a Hiwatt and a marshall distortion pedal.


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            I also believe he owns and flies a helicopter.


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              You'll need a MkII Tonebender for his earlier stuff.
              Good deals http://acapella.harmony-central.com/...1#post45270390

              YoutubeJams http://www.youtube.com/user/sixblade...4?feature=mhee


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                I have an old MK II tonebender, the 335 and a few Marshall amps. I have always loved the band . As for tunes to listen to, anything really. Seventh Sojourn is a good place to start. Thank's for all the info.
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