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  • Case/Bag and Amp Opinions

    So I'm getting a Squier Standard Tele in the next few days and want some ideas on a decent, affordable gig bag or case. I've been eyeing the Road Runner and Gator cases. Any reccomendations on a solid case/bag?


    Also, opinions on some cheap decent practice amps. Right now I'm thinking about the Fender Frontman 25R. I know they're a solid amp and they're cheap. I also like the simplicity of them. Any other reccomendations?

    Squier Standard Telealvarez PD80-SC

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    Check out Rondo, Best Buy and Amazon for cases...also, you might wanna wait til next month for a Presidents Day for amps, prepare for the onslaught of Fender Mustang recommendations.

    On that note, get a Fender Mustang.


    • Zledi
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      Haha I know everyone will say Mustang, but I just can't get myself excited for an amp with a bunch of digital effects.

      I forgot about Rondo. I'd really like the Fender hardcase, but they cost more than what I payed for the guitar!

    • tiltsta
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      If you can find one used, the MIM fender factory gig bags are really a darn nice bit of kit. I have a couple of them, and I use them to haul around lots of my strats these days. Don't know if they are different among models, but mine are from a couple of FSR limited edition models. 

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    Get whatever nice gig bag turns up cheap on the list of Craig. Guitar collectors are constantly buying new and used guitars with bags and then reselling the bags for peanuts. And people who have babies dump their gig bags for hard cases once the babies turn into toddlers.


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      can't beat Gator...
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      • Zledi
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        Thanks for the suggestions guys. I actually ended up getting the guitar back tonight! And my friend gave me a gig bag with it. So now I'm just gonna save up and get a nicer case eventually.


        So now I'm thinking about waiting until I get my tax return and buying a Bugera V5 because I've been coveting one of those ever since I heard/played one of them a year or so ago.


        Think it'd be worth it or not?


        And yes pics will happen soon.

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      Get the front man, they sound way better than they should.


      • Danhedonia
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        "I just can't get myself excited for an amp with a bunch of digital effects."

        .... then maybe you aren't really looking for a "small, inexpensive practice amp?"  What's your budget?

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      I really like SKB's molded case for Fender guitars. The latches are the best thing about this case. They are engineered really well. I got mine for less than $80. The only drawback is that the plastic broadsides are a little flimsy, so while it will take everyday knocks and bumps, I would not call it flight worthy.


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        What Dan said.