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Played a cool hollow body today, Heritage H-575 content.

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  • Played a cool hollow body today, Heritage H-575 content.

    This afternoon I crossed the border into Wisconsin and stopped by Music Go Round in Kenosha, they just got in a Heritage H-575...what a lovely guitar.


    $1,399.00 which isn't to bad for such a quality guitar..If I were in the market for a hollow body it would have came home with me.



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    I love my Heritage's like a luxury Gibson LP Junior. I've never played a hollow body, but I'll have to add it to the list.


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      Those things are great - better than a Gibson ES-175 at half the price.

      In fact, they are made of solid wood rather than plywood so it's more like a Gibson L4 which sells for over $6K.

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    seems like a good price if you're a fan of Heritage.  

    FWIW, i must be the only guy around here who doesn't like Heritage (based on the numerous examples I've played).  

    it's not even a headstock thing (it's not the worst design i've seen, and i am a Tyler owner, so i can't really throw stones).  i've played a bunch of them over the years (including the H-150, Skolnick sig, H-137, H-535 models).  some were better than others, but i couldn't really get on with any of them.  

    and it's not to be dismissed as me being a fanboi to another brand.  i wish i could articulate it.  something about the feel of the neck and the overall feel of the guitar up against me.  and the stock pickups they use in the 150s, i didn't care for through my setup.


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      GreatDane, that is how I feel about Taylor, Laravee, Gretsch, Schecter, Jackson and PRS guitars, they just do nothing for me.










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      I love Gibson and I hate the Heritage headstock...but I still love Heritage :gaynewemoticon:

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    Don't want to bash Heritage and shouldn't anyway since I have next to no experience with them. Unfortunately the one experience I have is the one I still own (but don't play) and the story is too embarassing to retell (you guys know the story which in short is: I dreamt of a good jazzbox, paid outrageous amount of money for this H575, tried to love it while the two weeks return policy expired and now wonder how to get rid of it).


    All I can say is, mine is proof that some Heritage are lemon and be very sure that you really love it before paying even a "good" price for it. 


    And no, a H575 is not better than a Gibson ES175. Sorry.

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      Jkater wrote:

      And no, a H575 is not better than a Gibson ES175. Sorry.

      Apology accepted. smile

      The ones I have seen are better than the later model 175 with the maple/poplar laminate. Perhaps the Custom Shop 175 is better than the last run of "production" models.

      The 575 is solid wood with a carved top which I prefer over plywood in a jazz box.

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    Damn, that's a pretty guitar! Never heard of the place, but if i'm ever down south there i'll have to check it out.