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  • NGD - ESP LTD EC-256

    I visited the local Guitar Center to check out the trade in expo that was going on and brought with me a B.C Rich Body Art guitar I had picked up and never gelled with and Condensor mike I hadn't used in years.  They made what I felt was a decent trade in offer on the them and armed with the store credit I looked around for another guitar to replace the one I traded in.

    One of the first guitars I tried out was the Lemon Drop LTD EC 256 they had on the wall.  The guitar felt good in my hands, looked really nice, sounded good when testing it out plugged into an amp.  I tried several other guitars that were around the same price range, including a beat up used LTD EC-1000 and a Dean Cadillac, but for some reason I kept going back to the EC 256. The EC-1000 and Dean Cadillac were nice, but EC-1000 felt a lot like my Heritage 150 I already have and the Cadillac felt like something was off with it.   I had to kick in some extra money, but I ended up walking out with the guitar below.


    I will likely make some upgrades to the guitar like putting a set of good locking tuners on it and perhaps upgrading one or both of the pickups as well.  If anyone has upgrade/modification suggestions, let me know.  However, the guitar is pretty nice as is, and it will definitely work as my keep on the stand and pick up to play anytime guitar.

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    Thats he one id get too. Nice axe and HNGD! (O)(O)
    LIVESTRONGwww.bandmix.com/kevman/Hey what happened? I had 5000+ posts here.


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      Always wanted one of those.