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I decided today is a NGD

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  • I decided today is a NGD

    I decided that today was a NGD. I picked up this MIM Tele at the Best Buy clearance sale in November with the intention of flipping it. Today I decided that I can't build one of this quality at the price I got it at. Also, any profit would be meager. So I'm keeping it. I took a look at the electronics today. I was shocked to find 50's style wiring with 250k CTS pots. I pulled the stock ceramic pickups and put in a set of Wilde (Bill Lawrence) pickups that I had laying around. I also swapped the bridge for a Wilkinson bridge with brass saddles. I really prefer 3 saddle bridges on Teles. One of the pics below has a flash. The other has no flash.


    MIM Tele Before Pic


    MIM Tele After pic

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    Awesome how your camera flash just fries the bridge pickup's pole pieces into looking like rails.

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    Nice!  And that Wilkinson bridge looks just right on the tele.  


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      You done good.
      Play the heck out of that thing.

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    Nice score.
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    That Tele looks awesome
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