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what was the first effect pedal you bought?


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    This is the one.  I had to build it myself...

    heathkit fuzz pedal

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      ElectroHarmonix Little Big Muff ?


      • GreatDane
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        jelloman wrote:
        ElectroHarmonix Little Big Muff ?


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      DS-1 from Guitar Center... 

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        Ibanez FZ-7. I don't know why, but even when I was a beginner and didn't know anything about effects,fuzz just seemed like it was right for me. Still is, too.


        • mike squires
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          Boss Metal Zone  This pedal gets a lot of flack....I put it away for awhile...got it out the other day and I think it still stands the test of time.. I like it.

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        Univox Super Fuzz!

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          My first effects were a DOD 250 overdrive, a DOD 280 Compressor, and an old tape echo that were all given to me.  The frist effect that I actually BOUGHT with my own $$$ (& several years later) would be my Digitech RP-1:




          Believe it or not, although it's been through 2 or 3 batteries and the volume control is a little scratchy, the old RP1 is still alive and kicking & I use it regularly for band practice.



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          • MephitBlue
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            I don't remember what the first pedal was that I spent my own money on was.  I do remember one of the first pedals I got my parents to buy me way, way back in time when I was a young teenager was a Boss CE-2 Chorus.

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          It was givien to me I think it was called a Foxx tone machine. It was a red fuzzy box.