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what was the first effect pedal you bought?

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    It was either an MXR Phase 90 or an Echoplex. It may have been the Echoplex, because I got it really cheap, and even then I got ripped off, because I could never get the **bleep** thing to work.

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      Rocktek overdrive pedal. At the time I thought it was a steal... Still have it just for the nostalgia
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      • twisty571
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        A Bad Monkey as suggested by this forum when I 1st joined. I thought I didn't like it but honestly I didn't give it a chance or I did but was using with the wrong kind of amp,I had a clean amp with no gain to it.

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        D-log wrote:
        Rocktek overdrive pedal. At the time I thought it was a steal... Still have it just for the nostalgia

        The first pedal I got was a Rocktek Compressor in the late '90s. I still have it


        Rocktek Compressor.JPG

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      Boss DS-1 and Boss Flanger. Bought in Atlanta in 1981.

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        Boss SD-1 - Still have it.


        Before then i got given a marshall shredmaster (one of the greatest pedals ever made) and a BOSS CS-4.

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      The DOD Grunge!!

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        Ibanez Soundtank Powerlead. I still have it somewhere. I honestly used it more for the crunchy tone it had for rhythm than for soloing. When I bought a new amp, I made sure it sounded like that pedal. 


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          My first pedal....  my dad bought it for me in 1982 when I was 12...


          Foxx Fuzz Wah and Volume!!





          But I don't know how to post pics of em in this new format..  




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            Back in 1982... I didn't buy my first pedal.  My girlfriend's step brother stole it and gave it to me.

            It was totally the wrong thing to do, but his heart was in the right place.

            I had just tried it out in a music store even though I had no money.  I was the only one with a driver's license and we were waiting in the car wondering WTF is he doing.  He came running out of the store, jumped in the car and told us to hurry.  "Why?"  Then he proudly pulled the pedal out of his jacket pocket.  I was driving my girlfriend's dad's Chevy Blazer while his step son is stealing s.hit and giving it to me.  I was in a quandry and just went with it.

            Fast forward to 1994 or 1995.  I had quit playing for a few years.  I'd already replaced the pedal with a ProCo Rat, so it was of no use to me.  I just gave it to a coworker's son who was starting out on guitar.  A vintage MXR pedal would probably fetch me good money today, but oh well- I paid it forward, errr something like that.

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          Boss overdrive.
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            Back in 1990 a buddy sold me his Butler RealTube pedal, which I still have.  A few years ago I dug it back out and found it all crackly and fizzy/harsh sounding, so I used some Deoxit and replaced the original 12Ax7 tube with a NOS 12AU7, and it sounds pretty d@mned good. 


            Of course I rarely use individual pedals anymore (in favor of my Rocktron Utopia G300), so the RealTube sits in a drawer, whining like a lonely puppy.  :manwink:



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              wow, some of you guys really scored excellent pedals as their first.  impressive!

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            My first pedal was a Big Muff, because Mudhoney. It was the NY resissue version, and it was nice, but Ieventrually traded it because I like mids.

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            • grungehack
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              Crybaby, Boss Flanger & Delay. Don't know which ones, they were bought around '99

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            Boss SD-1, still gets a place on my pedalboard now and again.


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              I know the answer to this


              It was a DOD Chorus pedal.


              Still have it.


              Very rarely even touch it.

              A '57 Classic, MIJ from USA parts.
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                My first pedal was an MXR Phase 90 because I wanted to be Eddie Van Halen.


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                  This. FX53_zpsbe876ba7 photo FX53_zpsbe876ba7.jpgHas great tone but is lacking in treble/clarity and s/n ratio.

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                Coloursound Tone Bender Fuzz - cost more than a weeks wages used, even back in the 70s, and followed shortly by an Italian Jen Crybaby. I still have both, although the wah needs the switch under the pedal replacing.
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                  Crybaby. Still use it.


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                    1998.  Played through middle school and high school with the Ibanez PT3 and Crybaby I got for Christmas, then in college I saw this:



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