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I refinished my PRS Custom 24!!!


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  • I refinished my PRS Custom 24!!!

    Hello Guys, just wanted to share with you my C24, i finished applying the new color by hand, got tired of the TransBlack it originally came with.

    I'm calling this Dark Green to Yellow-Green fade the "Black Green Arkham".

    Hope you like it, she will be coated with Lacquer.


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    Wow, I don't normally like trans finishes and figured tops but that is very striking! Beautiful. JungleSwampBurst?


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      That is very nice indeed.
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        E X C E L L E N T ! ! !

        "applied by hand" <--- Please tell us more. What product(s) for color, seal coat(?), etc. ?
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          Looks really good. Are you going to clear coat or oil?


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            That Grey-Black guitar looks like my 1988 PRS Employee Guitar.

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              That takes some ballz to do!
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                Two things:

                1) That is beautiful. If I ever need to have a quilty/flamey guitar refinished, I hope you'll consider doing it.

                2) You have some BALLS. Refinishing a $3,000 guitar takes some sack.
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                  Awesome! It looks much better now.
                  Hold mah beer an' watch this!


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                    Thank you guys!


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                      Ok, I clicked this expecting to see someone f-up a nice guitar. I was wrong. Very nice. Looks great.
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                        absolutely gorgeous...
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                          I've been gassing over a charcoal burst custom 24 for a while now...and I hate you OP. That thing is f*cking beautiful - massive improvement IMO!
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                            Whoa! That takes huevos, bro. Tricky stuff -- like juggling while walking on a highwire -- but you totally pulled it off.
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                              I love charcoal too, and that was my initial plan!, but then i changed to something more unique because i do not want to re paint her for at least 5 more years.

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                              I've been gassing over a charcoal burst custom 24 for a while now...and I hate you OP. That thing is f*cking beautiful - massive improvement IMO!