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  • "Good Lovin'"

    It's a landmark guitar Rock 'N' Roll song.

    I can't find another rhythm guitar part anywhere that stands up to that song.

    I just wanted to help some friends remember what a great song that was. It's also a really great song to have running through your head while you are at work. Memories are free.

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    After seeing your post I listened to The Rascals sing the song in 1966.

    The costumes were strange but i like the song. 

    Enjoyed hearing the Hammond  backing them up


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      Nine Toes wrote:

      I can't find another rhythm guitar part anywhere that stands up to that song.


      Richie Havens, "Here Comes the Sun".  And that's with about 5 seconds of thought-there must be other examples. :P



      • harold heckuba
        harold heckuba commented
        Editing a comment

        I bought that Rascals album out of a cut out bin in 1976.  I listened to it so

        much I completely wore it out.


        The Rascals had a lot of great songs.

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      Classic track! I was fortunate as a teenager to open for The Rascals in a local Pizzeria(!) in my high school band. The Rascals were the epitome of professional. Tight charismatic outfit.


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        What a great tune!
        I love the Deads version.
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