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Upgrading stock pickups on Artcore: any recommendations for vintage PAF under $70?

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  • Upgrading stock pickups on Artcore: any recommendations for vintage PAF under $70?

    I am upgrading the stock pickups on my Ibanez Artcore AM73 semi-hollow, and I'm looking for a good vintage sounding PAF-type of pickup for the bridge position.The bridge pup needs to be a good match a Mean 90 in the neck position.

    Does anyone have any experience with the Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF pickups? Or with the GFS Professional Series Alnico humbuckers? Are the Dimarzio's worth the extra $30?

    How do the GFS "Professional Series" pickups compare to the GFS Vintage 59 Alnico pickups? Better? Worse? Are they any good?

    The GFS website isn't very helpful: there are no audio samples, and the descriptions sound almost exactly the same:

    - "This our most authentic sounding Patent Applied For style pickup...!" (Vintage 59)

    as opposed to 

    - "Here's our best, most authentic take on the classic late 50's Humbucker sound...!" (Professional Series)

    Is the Alnico V better than the Alnico II? Potted or unpotted?

    Any advice?


    Note: I don't want to spend more than $70 on the bridge pickup (the entire guitar cost me $350). Yes, I'm sure that Lollar Imperials are really, really wonderful pickups, but I'm not going to blow $225 on a set of boutique pickups in order to upgrade a budget guitar.

    I'm just looking for a good, relatively inexpensive pickup for a warm vintage sound. I want something that will sound good clean, and still sound good with some distortion, but something that isn't a overwound. And it should be good match for the Mean 90 in the neck.   



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    Just my take, but when I want to be sure I have a good match, I use the same thing in the neck and bridge. So If I was you Id put another mean 90 in the bridge, or go with two matched PAF style pickups.


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      The Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF is a kick ass pickup, for a nice, clear, even vintage sound.  I highly recommend them.  I think it is well worth the extra 30 billls knowing you are getting a great pickup.

      It's very versatile, handling both clean and distorted tones.  Articulate comes to mind.  Check out reviews online, I don't think anybody gives them a bad wrap.