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The "quick guide to new HCEG" thread

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  • The "quick guide to new HCEG" thread

    Well, I need one so I'm starting one.


    I can't post pics. don't know how things work and if there are new usable features that are an improvement on the the old forum, I don't know what they are so I can't yet enjoy them.


    So here it is: tell us how to post pics, clips, quotes and whatnot and please, explain it like you'd do with a ten year old because I'm pretty dumm.



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    In this new format, everything must be done from the text edit window. You get there by clicking "Reply". If you want to quote a post you must click "Reply" from within that post. The "Quote" button appears once you are in the text edit screen.

    If you want to post a picture you click the "Insert/edit image" button (from inside the text edit window) and you have the option to Browse your computer drive(s) or select an image from another site. You must provide an Image Title in order for the system to accept it.

    Quoting is a bit messy and it helps if you use the HTML tab in the text edit window when you want to clean it up.

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      Nice response. The only two things I wish were fixed now are avatar sizes and the ability to quickly quote. Otherwise, the new HCEG works really great, and the whole naming pics thing is probably really good for search purposes.
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        If you're using a cell phone or an IPad, the insert/edit image icon doesn't show up confused  

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      Nice feature. Too bad half of us can't use it.
      Here's a cool picture of the two bobs.

      [IMG] [/IMG]

      But you all can't see it because this forum won't allow it.
      We're not in Kansas anymore.


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      To make paragraphs that are separated by a space and not ending up stringed together horizontally, you have to write it in "rich text". now I click "enter" to test it:




      I wrote a long PM to someone and all my entries and paragraph became a big block that was hard to read. I think because I wrote it in "HTML".

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        If you use the HTML editor then you need to write in HTML.

        I usually just use it to edit quotes so there is not the big string of quotes within quotes that we have been seeing.

        If you want to take advantage of HTML here is a HTML Cheat Sheet for reference.