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ot: Im loving this forum now!

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  • ot: Im loving this forum now!

    with google chrome and stylebot this forum looks 100xs better and is faster than any other site on the interwebs. Too bad everyone jumped off like rats on the titantic.


    where is that wackadoodle  honeyiscool?  is he too cool for our little forum?  or has he gone to the darkside mylespaul forum?

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    I'm loving how Lithium's awesome spam blocker is working.

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    • omni
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      google chrome eats big bags of dicks.

    • Frets99
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      Lou Speed's Alt wrote:

      I'm loving how Lithium's awesome spam blocker is working.

      Please continue to report the spam to us. I'm still learning what goes on around here. If it gets past Lithium, I want to be able to report it and handle it manually.

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    It won't be the same til I can smash the skull of an emoticon with a good, old-fashioned


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    I'm liking it too.  The communitie's suggestions are clearly being listened too and implemented, much quicker than I expected too. 



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      Yeah. The wonderful support for one of the most popular platforms had nothing to do with this graphic....


      Oh, that's right. You can't post pics from an iPad.
      We're not in Kansas anymore.


      • pekelnik
        pekelnik commented
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        It's weird. I just popped back after a few weeks and all is different. I don't think I like the new layout. Too much white space.

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      The reverb in this big empty room is awesome now!
      We're not in Kansas anymore.


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        I'm starting to like it. I almost jumped ship too at the start. But i still can't use it well. I don't know how things works like I knew with the old site. I think I'm going to spend some time in the help section of the forum (at the top right hand corner).

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          it's fine... and i'm on IE....there's a few things that need sorting, but if creepy smilies and small avatars are my biggest problems in life, i'm doing ok